More Sputnik Testing

Another little teaser, this time filmed at 1440p (or 2560×1440) res. You’ll have to really coax youtube to display it this way, but if you can, it looks great on a high res screen. This, and 4k, are definitely the future for aerial video.

Sputnik flies

I have dubbed the new hexacopter “Sputnik”, due to the way it looks when it’s flying about with it’s retractable legs hanging backwards (click through for a video). First flights have been very promising, both on 3S and 4S batteries. Performance is on par with a much larger quadcopter, but with motor redundancy, 3-axis stabilisation, […]

New hexacopter is in the works

Well, some exciting times were had on the weekend. My new hexacopter is now a reality, and has flown its first few test flights. It’s really satisfying to see something go from being an idea in your head, to being a drawing on the computer and then being a real life object.


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