MeHi, I’m Mark Cocquio, the owner and operator of Truffulatree Consulting. I’ve been working as an independent IT contractor since 2001, and have over 30 years experience encompassing almost every aspect of IT.

Over the years I’ve worked with a number of clients, both big and small, and I’ve come to realise that finding a good IT guy is often like finding a good mechanic – really hard!

Not only do you need someone competent, you also need someone who is honest and who can communicate effectively in language that you understand. Many IT people also specialise. There is nothing wrong with this, but finding a true generalist who can see the bigger picture for your business is also essential if your needs are to be met optimally.

Because of my broad experience, I am pleased to offer a number of different IT services for clients. If what you’re after is not specifically listed here, feel free to contact me and enquire anyway!

In addition to IT expertise, I am also an experienced photographer, writer, and aerial videographer specialising in UAVs (“drones”), and am available for consultancy work in these fields.

I’ve also been teaching martial arts for more than 10 years, so I’m no stranger to training, mentoring, and group coaching.

I guarantee my work – if a client is ever unhappy, it gets fixed it for free.

Right now I’m building my client base, so get in touch if you think you need me! I’m happy to offer a free consultation.

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